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  flexyframe LD (Light Duty) is the original design that started the front bumper guard revolution. flexyframe LD is a front bumper guard specifically designed to protect your car from careless parking of others. Its patented design gives flexyframe a stealthy appearance while its flexible rubber frame increases shock absorption. flexyframe front bumper protector offers the convenience of a license plate frame acting like a bumper guard.

 flexyframe® is a front bumper protector and license plate holder designed to protect your car from scratches, dents and dings it may get due to the careless parking of others. flexyframe®'s unique patent protects the rear bumper of the car behind you as well.
   Dont let This Happen To Your Beloved Car
Avoid minor insurance claims from low speed rear end collisions. flexyframe® will not only protect your license plate from damage but will also prevent you from damaging rear bumpers on automobiles in front of you.
   US Patent #625,234 design not only covers your unsightly screws but also protect you. A metal screw can easily create rear bumper damage at the lightest touch from your car. Save yourself the headache and money. The screw caps are integrated into the frame so there are no screw caps to pop off your car like other bumper guards.

Purchase FlexyFrame

  • Product Number: FFLD

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